Who is Summer Lee, the Next AOC Clone?

"Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez @ SXSW" by Nrkbeta

Democrat socialists are growing in numbers once again, and one such is Summer Lee.

She is the Pennsylvania House seat frontrunner backed by Senators Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren, with her political agenda nearly mirroring that of Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez.

She’s running to replace the departing Representative Mike Doyle, a Democrat who’s served in Congress for the past 26 years.

Lee did not shy away from openly promoting numerous socialist policies, like the redistribution of wealth and even the abolishment of prisons.

“AOC” by Mike Maguire

Her agenda goes way back, though.

A tweet from November 2020 shows Lee’s intentions from the get-go, as well as her willingness to feed into the BLM “police violence“ narrative. This has provoked dozens of protests that quickly escalated into violence and looting.

With this in mind, it’s hard to think up a valid reason for the abolishment of incarceration, especially as the terrorist organization that is BLM contradicts themselves at every step.

They are demanding that “racist” cops be locked up, but also promoting the aforementioned idea of a country where prisons aren’t a thing.

Calls for wealth redistribution

Much like AOC, Lee’s career was off to a start with the defeat of a long-standing House member; she’s now running her campaign on a similar “progressive” platform.

Another important tangent between the two is the fact that Lee also stuck the word “justice” onto several of her policies in order to make use of the buzzword.

She’s also got a habit of making wild claims regarding the state of democracy in the US or immigration policies.

Another one of her agendas includes the packing of the Supreme Court in a way that, according to her, right-wing “extremists” couldn’t strip away fundamental rights of black and brown communities.

While this does make it seem like Lee’s convinced she’s still in the early 1800s, she’s at least aware of the border situation we’re experiencing.

Only, she believes that “illegal immigrant” shouldn’t be a term in the English-American language.

Calls for the abolishment of prisons

Lee claims the current US immigration system is a “broken web,” riddled with xenophobia that does nothing but punish black and brown people, instead of helping them attain citizenship.

Furthermore, she calls for the abolishment of the “life without parole” punishment and the elimination of cash bail.

Lee thinks it enforces the system that imprisons people based on their ability to pay, almost as if she believes bail eliminates a person’s trial.

Touching on some more recent policy changes, Lee shared her view on abortion laws, demanding a safeguard of the federal right to abortion and a repeal of the Hyde law.

Hyde prevents federal funds from going toward the procedure, except for rape, incest, and life endangerment cases.