WHO Wants to Control Its Member Countries Due to ‘Global Warming’

A former Republican lawmaker raised alarm over the plans of the World Health Organization to seek control over its hundreds of member states, citing a “global warming crisis” as a justification.

WHO and Its China-stooge Chief

The latest alarm about the WHO plans has come from Michele Bachmann, a former four-term Republican member of the House of Representatives from Minnesota.

Bachmann, who is now a dean at Regent University, spoke on The War Room, the podcast of former President Trump’s ally Steve Bannon, before she went to Geneva, Switzerland for the 76th “World Health Assembly,” The Gateway Pundit reports.

Bachmann said the UN, the World Trade Organization – another UN body, and the Bill and Melinda Gates Society would all be present in the WHO meeting.

She insisted none of those actors were even trying to hide their goals of achieving global control, with WHO chief, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, demanding his organization exercise sovereignty over the UN and WHO members because of the climate crisis.

Ghebreyesus is a well-known stooge of communist Chinese dictator Xi Jinping, allegedly lavishly paid with yuans. He is also a proven liar. He lied to the entire world about the origins of the Chinese coronavirus pandemic and its mortality rate.

‘Global Governance’ Platform for Control

Because of the Chinese control over WHO and other issues, former President Trump had withdrawn America from the UN health body – however, Democrat Joe Biden re-joined the WHO.

In her interview with Bannon, Bachmann insisted Congress must once again withdraw the United States from the WHO as the only means to evade its plans to set up a “global governance” platform.

The former lawmaker noted a roundtable at the event featured Democrat John Kerry, who was introduced by his daughter, Vanessa Kerry. The latter’s Global Seed Foundation gets money from the Clinton Health Initiative.

According to Bachmann, though, the biggest threat is Ghebreyesus’ claim that the climate crisis was also a health crisis; hence, the WHO should get huge extra powers over all nations.

This article appeared in The State Today and has been published here with permission.