Why The Left Wants To Shut You Up | The Andrew Klavan Show Ep. 918


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The left demands you shut up so they can spread falsehoods. Some in the media are still doubling down on the Bubba Wallace noose story even after it’s proven to have not been a hate crime. Why does the left like Karl Marx when he was an avowed racist? Facebook spreads liberal lies and conservative censorship, but the Mailbag spreads the truth.

0:00 – Intro
2:29 – Top Comment
2:55 – The Big Idea: Why Twitter Should Be Destroyed
6:55 – Karl Marx Was A Racist – so why does BLM like him?
11:15 – Bubba Wallace Doubled Down After Noose Story Revealed As Untrue
15:40 – The Questions Nobody Is Asking Rioters – What Are You Going To Replace America With?
18:05 – Donald Trump at TPUSA, Pushing Back Against Oppressive Media Agenda
20:45 – Project Veritas Exposes Facebook Liberal Bias – Censoring Conservatives
32:00 – Mailbag

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