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Dave Rubin of The Rubin Report talks to Dennis Miller (Talk Show Host and Comedian) about the current state of politics and comedy. Dennis gives his thoughts on the current political divide in America and why he’s given up trying to get people to change their minds. He discusses how his priorities have shifted dramatically as an elder statesman of comedy. Dennis shares his current feelings on the entertainment industry and how he stumbled into comedy as a prop comedian and how his act became more political. Dennis also describes the unique story of how he got the job offer from Lorne Michaels for Weekend Update on Saturday Night Live. He also reveals why he was rarely in any SNL sketches. Dennis also reveals what Bill O’Reilly was really like behind the scenes and what it was like to do the Miller Time segments on the O’Reilly Factor. He discusses why he thinks the dynamic between them worked. Dennis gives his thoughts on cancel culture and the damage that a fear of telling jokes is doing to comedy. He also describes why he self censors because he doesn’t think it’s worth the hassle. Dennis warns young people including Gen Z and Zoomers to think twice before taking on student loan debt to go to college. He sees a lot of iGen taking on debt for useless degrees and thinks it would make more sense to skip college. Dennis also gives his thoughts on Bernie Sanders and how he thinks student loan problems have helped his support. He also gives young people ideas for what to do instead of going to college. Dennis shares the reasons why he has never liked Joe Biden and why you should never trust anyone who knows their IQ. Dennis shares why he thinks it may take a cataclysmic event to change our politics in the US. Dennis also shares why he finds the left more threatening than the right and why the lockstep of the liberals frightens him.

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