Will Trump Send Troops Into Seattle’s CHAZ?


Daily Caller’s senior White House correspondent Christian Datoc sat down with Commander Guy Snodgrass for an exclusive interview on several pressing defense issues.

First, Snodgrass, a former Navy Top Gun pilot and former Secretary of Defense James Mattis’ top communications aide at the Pentagon, assessed President Donald Trump’s recent decision to withdraw roughly 1/3 of the United States’ troop presence from Germany. What will be the long term ramifications of the move? Snodgrass and Datoc also discussed the escalating situation at the China-India border.

Finally, Snodgrass fielded a couple of questions on some domestic issues. Since he too has gone through the White House’s process for reviewing former administration officials’ books, Datoc asked him to weigh in on the entire situation surrounding John Bolton’s forthcoming memoir. He also explained why there’s practically a zero percent chance that Trump federalizes the National Guard to deal with the Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone in Seattle.

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