Woke Extremists Overjoyed by Queen Elizabeth II’s Death

The passing of the UK’s monarch, Queen Elizabeth II, 96, on Thursday opened the gates of social media hell.

Woke leftists are now expressing their vicious joy, while also attacking the late queen as “evil,” “imperialist,” and “racist,” terms that hardly fit her actual, well-known character.

A Cesspool of Soviet Propaganda Clichés

Having ascended to the British throne back in 1952, Queen Elizabeth II passed away after reigning for 70 years and three months.

She became the British monarch with the longest reign, exceeding her great-great-grandmother Queen Victoria, who was at the helm of Great Britain for 64 years.

With Queen Elizabeth II’s body barely cold, woke pundits in the US wasted no time trashing the queen, with writers of far-left propaganda machine publications taking the lead.

The writings and social media posts by woke propagandists not only didn’t express any desire for an objective look at Queen Elizabeth II’s political heritage, but they also directly used highly offensive language to describe her.

They found vile ways to demonstrate how ecstatic they are over her passing. Those include characterizing her 70-year-long pro-democratic reign as “devastating” and expressing low desires to dance on the queen’s grave.

Communists Want to Dance on the Queen’s Grave

One of the most vicious social media assaults was that of a New York Magazine writer, Tirhakah Love.

Love, a “senior newsletter writer,” wrote in the magazine’s newsletter on Thursday evening that Queen Elizabeth II was a “colonizer sucking up” the resources of the Earth for the past 96 years.

A person named Maya Jasanoff, who bills herself as a Harvard University professor of history – and, in particular, on the history of the British Empire and the UK, didn’t fall far behind.

She wrote in the New York Times that Elizabeth II must not be “romanticized” because she “obscured a bloody history of decolonization.”

Jasanoff claimed there were crimes committed in the queen’s name in Kenya, Malaysia, Cyprus, Ireland, and Yemen. Now, nobody will know what she knew about them.

The Atlantic also didn’t miss the chance to use the queen’s death in order to do more justice to its reputation as a far-left propaganda vehicle. One of its writers, Jemele Hill, wrote the reign of the late queen had a “devastating impact of continued colonialism.”

Another communist academic, Ebony Elizabeth Thomas, an English professor at the University of Michigan, wrote nasty insults about the British queen even before her death, as there were reports that her health had deteriorate substantially.

She raged on Twitter that “the colonized” mustn’t be told how to feel about “the health and wellness of the colonizer” and compared Queen Elizabeth II to the Confederacy in the Civil War.

Eugene Scott, a journalist at the Washignton Post, also chimed in by reiterating Soviet Communist clichés, wondering whether the queen’s death warrants a discussion on the “negative impact of colonialism.”

This article appeared in MorningPress and has been published here with permission.