Woke Navy Names Ship After Ruth Bader Ginsberg

Following the death of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, the United States Navy said Thursday that it would name a naval ship after the late judge.

This is happening in recognition of her time on the country’s highest court and her efforts as a women’s rights campaigner.

The news was issued in a statement by Navy Secretary Carlos Del Toro, who said her name would be emblazoned on a future John Lewis-class replenishing oiler.

It is “my great joy” to rename the next T-AO after Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, according to Del Toro. “She is a historical person who has been a vocal champion for equality for women for many years.”

Genera Dynamics in California has been awarded a $3.2 billion contract by the United States Navy to design and build the first ships of the T-AO series of replenishment oiler ships. These will replace the nation’s Henry J. Kaiser-class warships.

In other news, Navy surveillance aircraft just crashed off the coast of Virginia, killing one of its crew members.

According to the United States Navy, work on these new ships started in September of last year with plans to build 20 of these 742-foot-long boats, each of which can carry a cargo of 162,000 barrels of crude oil, in total.

Construction on the first three of these ships is already underway. The commissioning of the first ship, which was named after the late civil rights icon and United States Representative John Lewis, is taking place in July this year.

“While serving as Secretary of the Navy, it is my goal to promote equality and eradicate gender discrimination throughout the entire Department of the Navy.”

“In large part, [Ginsburg’s] efforts are responsible for the fact that we now have women from all backgrounds, with a variety of experiences and skills, serving alongside their male sailor and Maritime counterparts.”

“The ship is sponsored by Ginsburg’s daughter, Jane Ginsburg,” said Del Toro, who also decided to name Ginsburg’s daughter, Jane Ginsburg, as a benefactor.

So while the US has been naming shifts and having ceremonies, China and the Solomon Islands have reached an agreement on a new security pact, scaring their neighbors.

A draft of the deal made its way on the web; the leaked draft revealed that China could deploy troops to the island when needed.

Soloman Islands is just off the coast of Australia which is very problematic for Australia. If the United States wasn’t so busy playing woke politics, the US could’ve already inked a deal with the Soloman Islands.

They even could have built a military base there, but now it’s too late. China has gotten there first and will wreak havoc off the coast of Australia for years to come.