Woke US City First Allowing Muslim Prayers Over Speakers

Minneapolis, Minnesota, which is run by Democrats – has become the first major city in the United States to fall into a very nasty trap – namely, to allow Muslims to say their dawn prayers through loudspeakers.

Falling into the Trap

Allowing Islam worshippers to play their prayers through loudspeakers has been a major issue in multiple “mixed” communities worldwide; whenever Muslims are allowed to do that, life for non-Muslims becomes pretty unbearable.

The constant Muslim prayers heard around city downtowns over loudspeakers for no reason whatsoever are an incessant source of harassment, subjugation, and intimidation for any non-Muslims who live, work, or visit the area.

Minneapolis has now fallen into the Muslim speakers trap, The Western Journal has reported.

Last Thursday, the Minneapolis City Council voted unanimously to change the city’s noise ordinance, thus allowing the Muslim prayer loudspeaker announcements to be broadcast five times daily, all year round.

The previous ordinance banned Muslim prayer calls at dawn and late evenings. The new pro-Muslim vote occurred during Islam’s holy month of Ramadan.

Non-Muslims Will ‘Enjoy’ Muslim Prayers All the Time

The report quoted an obnoxious comment by Jaylani Hussein, head of the Council on American-Islamic Relations chapter in Minnesota, who said the US Constitution “doesn’t sleep at night.”

Apparently, nor will the non-Muslims in Minneapolis’ downtown who will now have to “enjoy” the Muslims’ prayer calls without any mercy for their poor souls.

Hussein added the loudspeaker broadcast in Minneapolis will show the world that America was making good on its religious freedom promise.

The report points out that Minneapolis Mayor Democrat Jacob Frey will sign the new ordinance next week. It adds that mosques in the city “are now common” and three of the 13 members of the city council are Muslims.

At the same time, the proposal to allow Islam worshippers to broadcast their prayers over loudspeakers for no rational reason whatsoever inspired “no organized community opposition.”

This article appeared in The State Today and has been published here with permission.