Woman Gets Sick After Being Spit on by Lab Monkey

A woman from the state of Pennsylvania is feeling ill and has sought treatment after a monkey spit on her. The woman who was spat on was attempting to help a driver involved in a crash while transporting over 100 lab monkeys.

Michele Fallon of Pennsylvania arrived on the scene and noticed a strange crate that came from the accident scene.

When Fallon looked inside of the crate, a monkey popped its head out and frightened her. A spokesperson for PETA went on record, saying while Fallon was looking inside of the crate, the monkey exchanged respiratory droplets in the air.

This landed on Fallon, so in other words, Fallon was spat on by a lab monkey.

More on the Story

After Fallon’s exchange with the monkey, she soon developed pink eye and was sent to the emergency room to be examined.

For a while, several of the 100 monkeys went missing in nearby woods, but the CDC later announced all of the monkeys have been accounted for and three of them were euthanized.

The type of monkeys that were on the loose were Macaque monkeys, which tend to be at risk for having the Ebola virus, Herpes B virus, salmonella, TB, and many other sicknesses.

PETA has been extremely worried about the woman’s health, due to the fact that lab monkeys usually have been exposed to many types of sicknesses and diseases that could start a major outbreak of a virus.

Last year, a man coming to the United States from Nigeria checked into a hospital in Dallas, Texas, and to everybody’s surprise, he had monkeypox.

Monkeypox is a viral sickness that is similar to smallpox, but not as deadly. The viral illness gets its name from a group of lab monkeys that first had the disease.

The man from Texas ended up not spreading monkeypox and recovered, but with that being said, you never know what kind of diseases monkeys are carrying. The last thing the US needs is another pandemic.

Fauci’s Lab Experiments to Make Monkeys Transgender

Life as a lab monkey is not so great and is downright horrifying.

Dr. Fauci’s NIH has funded several monkey-related experiments regarding research on HIV. One of the most bizarre experiments Fauci’s NIH has funded was a $200,000 project that made biological male monkeys into transgender monkeys.

The ultimate point of the experiment was to use feminized hormone therapy on male monkeys in order to see if they are more likely to contract HIV.

The vice president of PETA slammed the NIH for using millions of dollars and thousands of monkeys’ lives to conduct experiments for an HIV vaccine that has never come into existence.

Monkeys have been found to not contract human HIV.