Zelenskyy Calls Out Biden in Front of Congress

President Zelenskyy extended a direct appeal to President Biden on Wednesday, encouraging him to just be “the face of tranquility” after three weeks of Russian bombing.

“Being the head of a country is no longer enough in today’s world. Today, to be the world’s leader is to be the world’s leader in promoting peace,” Zelenskyy stated when delivering a speech in front of Congress.

“Peace in your nation no longer relies only on you because your people maintain it. It is dependent on people around you, on those who are strong, on those who are courageous,” he went on to say.

“Strong does not always imply large. When it comes to fighting for the survival of his compatriots and the residents of the globe, strong is fearless and willing to go the distance.”


Biden was the target of Zelenskyy’s remarks, which came after he called on Congress to press for more restrictions on Russia’s business and all of its leaders.

Zelenskyy then asked US lawmakers to encourage their voters to pull their companies from the Russian market and also block any American ports that ship Russian products.

More on Zelenskyy’s Adress

According to Zelenskyy, the prospect of Russian aggression wasn’t just a concern to Ukraine, but also a menace to the international order.

“Now, the Ukrainian people defend more than just their country. We are battling for the principles of Europe and the globe. We are fighting to provide for our families for the sake of the generations.”

The Ukrainian president appealed to Biden after the president displayed a video illustrating the lives lost and the devastation as a result of Russian air raids.

On Wednesday, March 9, 2022, Ukraine Armed Forces released a film showing the aftermath of a Russian army bombing a children’s hospital in Mariupol, which is southern Ukraine, that resulted in massive devastation.

The image was taken from the footage. The Ukrainian Armed Forces have made no mention of any injuries as a result of the attacks. Zelensky confirmed the strike at a maternity unit in Mariupol, according to a statement posted on his website.

In the midst of conflict that has spread to virtually every part of the country, over 2.5 million Ukrainians have left.

Meanwhile, the UN has reported at least 636 people have been murdered, including around 50 children, but these estimates are anticipated to be underestimated.

As of right now, Zelesnkyy has pleaded with world leaders for weeks. Though, in return, all lawmakers are doing is sending out tweets that show false love towards Ukraine.

It will be interesting to see how much longer Zelenskyy will play nice with the US before he is forced to turn his back on the nation that is just offering rhetoric.