Biden Cancels Meeting with Netanyahu Following Controversial Video


In a dramatic turn of events, President Joe Biden has canceled a planned meeting with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. This decision came after Netanyahu released a video criticizing the Biden administration's stance on arms transfers and its approach to Iran.

The video, which was posted by Netanyahu, accused the United States of withholding critical arms shipments to Israel.

Netanyahu's public rebuke reportedly irritated the White House, leading to the cancellation of the senior aides' meeting that was set to discuss security and strategic issues​​.

The tensions between the two leaders have been escalating amid a backdrop of heightened conflict between Israel and Iran.

Recently, Iran launched a significant missile and drone attack on Israel, prompting an emergency response from the United Nations Security Council.

President Biden urged Netanyahu to show restraint and avoid escalating the situation with a retaliatory strike, emphasizing that the U.S. would not support or participate in such an operation​​.

This strained interaction follows a series of contentious exchanges between the two nations. The Biden administration has been cautious in its support, balancing its commitment to Israel's security with diplomatic efforts to prevent a broader conflict in the Middle East.

Netanyahu, on the other hand, has been vocal about his dissatisfaction with what he perceives as insufficient support from the U.S. regarding Israel's defense needs and strategic autonomy​.

The cancellation of the meeting underscores the growing rift between the U.S. and Israel, raising questions about the future of their strategic partnership amidst ongoing regional tensions.


  1. It is not, and should not be, the responsibility of the United States to send arms to Israel or any other United Nations member. This conflict should be resolved by the United Nations, in accordance with their charter, but they seem to be sitting around doing nothing.

  2. Biden did say in speech that can be found on YouTube titled “Biden says US. Won’t supply weapons to Israel if it launches Rafah Offensive “ listen to Biden’s speech. Which I believe Biden can be impeached for his denial of those weapons.
    I also agree that the United States should not be funding this country or other countries wars. I think the poor and middle classes of American soldiers, airmen, and sailors have shed enough blood for other countries that do not appreciate American dead, or wounded! These countries only love our money. What have any of the American defended countries done for the United States after their Victory?
    Great to know, only a handful of people control the destiny of billions of people, and this planet. Most of them live in luxury, while the ordinary people scratch out their living to just survive day by day.
    It’s scary to see that our own government can’t remember what it says only one month ago!


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