Carl Bernstein Highlights Biden’s Cognitive Decline: A Growing Concern


Veteran journalist Carl Bernstein has recently raised alarms about President Joe Biden's cognitive decline, citing observations from Biden's own staffers and lawmakers. These reports, which have surfaced in various news outlets, detail instances of confusion and memory lapses that have increasingly become noticeable during critical meetings and negotiations.

According to insiders, Biden often speaks so softly during meetings that he is hard to understand, and he frequently relies on note cards and aides to guide him through discussions. This was notably evident during negotiations over Ukraine aid earlier this year, where Biden reportedly took ten minutes to start the meeting and depended heavily on written notes to make points.

These concerns are not limited to one-off incidents. Former House Speaker Kevin McCarthy has described Biden's performance in debt ceiling negotiations as frustratingly vague and disjointed, emphasizing Biden's reliance on notes and staffers to provide answers. McCarthy, who has interacted with Biden over the years, noted a significant change in Biden's ability to command the room and engage in detailed policy discussions.

The issue of Biden's cognitive health has become a bipartisan concern. Lawmakers from both sides of the aisle have expressed unease about the president's awareness of current policies. For instance, during a discussion on liquid natural gas exports, Biden appeared unaware of an ongoing policy, incorrectly stating it was "only a study," which left many in the room dismayed.

Republicans argue that these signs of cognitive decline are not merely age-related but affect Biden's capability to effectively lead the country. This has sparked calls for more transparency and even demands for Biden to undergo cognitive testing, something he has thus far avoided.

These revelations come at a critical time as Biden prepares for a potential re-election campaign. His cognitive fitness is likely to be a significant point of contention in the upcoming presidential race. Critics argue that the American public deserves to know the true state of their president's health to make informed decisions at the ballot box.

Supporters of Biden, however, downplay these concerns, suggesting that his leadership style and reliance on notes are strategic choices rather than signs of decline. They emphasize Biden's extensive political experience and his administration's achievements despite these reported challenges.

As the debate over Biden's cognitive health continues, it remains a crucial issue that could shape the political landscape in the months leading up to the next election. The American public and political analysts alike will be closely watching how these concerns are addressed and what impact they might have on Biden's presidency and future political ambitions.


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