Conservative Perspective on Ilhan Omar’s Daughter’s Suspension over Protests Against Israel


In recent news, Barnard College has been thrust into the spotlight due to the suspension of Isra Hirsi, daughter of controversial Congresswoman Ilhan Omar. The reason for her suspension? Protesting against Israel. This has sparked a heated debate, with liberals defending Hirsi's right to protest and conservatives denouncing her actions as unacceptable. As a conservative, it's clear where I stand on this issue.

First and foremost, it's important to acknowledge that the right to protest is a fundamental part of our democracy. However, there is a fine line between peaceful protest and disruptive behavior. Hirsi's actions crossed that line when she and other student activists stormed an event featuring a pro-Israel speaker. Such actions do not promote productive discourse, but instead incite division and chaos. As conservatives, we believe in the freedom of speech, but we also believe in respecting the rights of others to express their opinions without fear of being silenced.

Furthermore, Hirsi's suspension is not solely about her protesting against Israel, but rather her disregard for the rules and regulations of the college. As reported, the event she and her fellow protesters disrupted was approved and sponsored by the school's administration. This means that Hirsi not only disrespected the speaker, but also the school and its policies. It is unacceptable for a student to behave in such a manner and expect to face no consequences.

Many have argued that Hirsi's suspension is an attack on free speech and a reflection of the school's lack of support for marginalized communities. However, this is simply not the case. As a conservative, I support the right to speak out against injustices, but I also believe in accountability for one's actions. Hirsi had every right to express her opinions, but she also had a responsibility to do so in a respectful and lawful manner. Her suspension is a result of her failure to fulfill that responsibility, not a suppression of her voice.

Moreover, it's important to recognize the underlying implications of Hirsi's actions. By protesting against Israel, she is not only attacking the country, but also its people and their right to self-determination. As conservatives, we stand for the protection of our allies and their sovereignty. To protest against a country and its policies is one thing, but to disrupt an event that celebrates its culture and traditions is disrespectful and counterproductive.

As a conservative, I understand the importance of standing up for one's beliefs. However, there are appropriate ways to do so without causing chaos and disrespecting others. Hirsi's suspension serves as a lesson to all students that there are consequences for disregarding rules and regulations, regardless of one's political beliefs. It also highlights the need for civil and respectful discourse, rather than disruptive and divisive behavior.

In conclusion, the suspension of Isra Hirsi from Barnard College is not an attack on free speech or marginalized communities, but a reflection of her failure to uphold the standards and values of the school. As conservatives, we believe in accountability, respect, and the protection of our allies. Hirsi's actions, while well-intentioned, were unacceptable and her suspension is a just consequence. It's time for students to realize that their actions have consequences and that true change comes through civil and productive dialogue, not through chaos and disruption.

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  1. The far left is way out of control and they expect no repercussions for their behavior. It’s about time people are putting their foot down and tackling this behavior head first. People Need to be held accountable so this outrageous behavior stops! This is America! If you don’t like it here or the rules then go back to your own country and you can defend them there! Plain & Simple!

  2. Why do you believe Palestine doesn’t have the right to exist? Why do you support genocide in Gaza? I am a conservative and believe in free speech but we are fast losing this right in today’s USA. b

  3. I see you don’t believe in free speech. Please take my name off your list. And you dare call yourselves patriots. Hypocrites!

    • Free speech, yes. Not following the rules and regulations of the institute, NO.
      That is why she was suspended, not what she was saying.

  4. She has shown she is ain’t Israel anti-American mother is a love life who married her brother to get her in the country they all should be dispelled and thrown out


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