Debate Drama: Trump Calls for Biden to Take a Drug Test Following Shocking Accusation


As the US presidential race continues to heat up, Donald Trump has taken his controversial tactics to a new level by demanding that his opponent, Joe Biden, undergo a drug test before their upcoming debate. The unexpected accusation has caused a stir in the political arena, with many questioning the motive behind Trump's bold move.

According to sources, Trump made the demand during a recent rally, stating that he believes Biden's performance in the previous Democratic debates was fueled by some form of performance-enhancing drug. He further expressed his concern that Biden would not be able to keep up with him during the highly anticipated face-off, hence the need for a drug test.

The call for a drug test has been met with mixed reactions, with some praising Trump for his transparency and others condemning it as a desperate attempt to discredit his opponent. The Biden camp has vehemently denied any allegations of drug use, with one spokesperson calling it a "pathetic and desperate attempt to distract from the real issues at hand."

This is not the first time that Trump has made controversial statements about Biden's mental and physical fitness. Throughout the campaign, he has repeatedly questioned Biden's cognitive abilities, often using derogatory nicknames and mocking his age. Some experts believe that this latest demand for a drug test is just another tactic in Trump's playbook to cast doubt on Biden's capabilities.

With the first presidential debate just around the corner, the pressure is on for both candidates to perform their best. However, the focus has now shifted from policies and plans to a potential drug test, which has left many wondering if this will be a distraction from the real issues that need to be addressed.

The debate over the drug test demand has also reignited discussions about the importance of mental and physical health in a presidential candidate. Should drug tests be a standard requirement for all political candidates? Or is this just another attempt to discredit opponents and manipulate the public's perception?

Whatever the case may be, one thing is for sure – the upcoming debate between Trump and Biden is now set to be even more dramatic and contentious. As the two candidates prepare to face off, the question on everyone's mind is, will Biden accept Trump's challenge and take the drug test? And if he does, what will the results reveal?

As the nation eagerly awaits the first presidential debate, one thing is certain – the drama and unpredictability of the 2020 election continue to unfold. Whether Trump's demand for a drug test will have any impact on the outcome remains to be seen. But one thing is for sure – it has certainly added another layer of intrigue to an already contentious race for the White House.

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    • I agree, Biden’s performance at the State of the Union was beyond expected for Dementia boy AND I think every time he has been on since where it was televised was the same. Except for Morehouse College where he said the awful racial things.

  1. Equality! If one candidate takes a drug test then so must the other candidate. This is not a one sided race. Will Trump also take a drug test? If this is required it needs to be done by an independent medical professional not connected to either side for transparency. I don’t think Trump will agree, because it is not in his interest.

  2. I think Biden should take the drug test as long as Trump takes a drug test. I think Trump knows all about how cocaine affects someone because he is taking cocaine. It’s like the fake news, he accuses his opponents of doing something he is doing.

  3. Well it seems that if Old Joe demands certain things then it is within reason that Trump should also have a say and demands!

  4. Why not have the moderators take drug tests as well. The problem with bidens drugs are they are the ones he takes every day.—- I, Grampa

  5. Yes!! We all have to be drug tested for employment. I think a drug test should be mandatory for all politicians, especially the top political leaders of America!!!


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