Israel Uncovers Chilling ‘Hostage Manual’ from Hamas Fighters


Israel released what it claims to be a ‘hostage manual’ discovered on the bodies of Hamas fighters.

This document, allegedly provided to Hamas militants before their cross-border assault on October 7, offers a chilling insight into the strategies and tactics employed by the terrorist group.

The manual, adorned with images of individuals wielding assault rifles and rocket launchers, provides detailed instructions on how to commit atrocities. It outlines the process of abducting hostages, isolating them, and maintaining control over them.

The document even goes as far as to instruct militants on how to use hostages as ‘cannon fodder,’ a stark reminder of the disregard for human life exhibited by these terrorists.

The manual also includes specific directives for the militants during their operations. They are advised not to feed hostages using their own supplies unless in emergency situations.

They are also instructed to set fire to numerous locations and display strength as they wreak havoc across Israel. The document further advises against using wireless communication in open areas while ensuring there is a live broadcast in the field.

Interestingly, the manual suggests that the militants should use cameras as much as possible while holding the hostages. It also advises them not to engage in negotiations in the field if possible, leaving this task to the Hamas leadership.

This indicates a level of organization and planning that is deeply concerning.

The manual also appears to contain information about the types of weapons and rockets used by the Israeli forces. It provides details about the ranks in the Israeli armed forces and how to recognize high-ranking members.

This information could potentially be used to target specific individuals or units within the Israeli military.

The release of this manual comes in the wake of a brutal attack by Hamas militants on peaceful villages, resulting in the slaughter of men, women, and children, and the abduction of many more.

The savagery of these attacks and the chilling instructions found in the manual underscore the ruthless nature of Hamas and its disregard for human life. It also underscores the need for continued vigilance and robust defense strategies to protect innocent lives from such atrocities.