Kamala Harris Pushes for Trump’s Disqualification Following Conviction Failure


In a recent political maneuver, Vice President Kamala Harris has called for the disqualification of former President Donald Trump from running in the 2024 presidential election. This move comes after attempts to convict Trump on various charges have failed to definitively bar him from holding office again.

Harris's push for disqualification was highlighted during a segment on "The View," where she emphasized the potential threats to democracy and freedoms if Trump were to be re-elected. She underscored her concerns about Trump's alleged disregard for democratic norms and his purported intentions to undermine the justice system and personal liberties.

This stance from Harris follows a broader strategy within the Biden administration to discredit Trump ahead of the 2024 election. Both Harris and President Joe Biden have been vocal in their criticism of Trump, labeling him a danger to national security and democracy.

Harris's comments come in the wake of Trump's legal battles and convictions, which have not yet succeeded in legally preventing him from seeking the presidency again.

Adding to the controversy, it has been reported that Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis met with Harris months before indicting Trump in Georgia. This meeting has fueled speculation about possible political motivations behind the legal actions against Trump. Critics argue that such interactions suggest an attempt to politically weaponize the judicial process against a major political opponent.

In her public appearances, Harris has consistently portrayed Trump as a threat to fundamental freedoms, including women's rights and gun control measures. She asserts that another Trump presidency could roll back significant legislative gains and erode civil liberties. This narrative is part of a larger Democratic campaign to position Biden and Harris as defenders of democratic values against what they describe as Trump's authoritarian tendencies.

Trump, for his part, has dismissed these allegations and continues to maintain his innocence, framing the legal actions against him as politically motivated attacks. His supporters view the disqualification efforts as an overreach and a desperate attempt to prevent his return to power.

As the 2024 election approaches, the political landscape is increasingly polarized, with both sides gearing up for what promises to be a highly contentious race. Harris's calls for Trump's disqualification mark a significant escalation in the political battle, underscoring the deep divisions within American politics.


  1. I wish Trump would put Tulsi on his list of VP choices. Let’s be quite frank both Harris and Biden should not be allowed to run. Neither is capable.


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