Mark Cuban’s Embarrassing Defense of Biden Reveals Denial of Reality


Mark Cuban, the billionaire entrepreneur and owner of the Dallas Mavericks, has recently found himself in hot water over his attempt to defend President Joe Biden. In a Twitter post, Cuban criticized Piers Morgan and Bill Ackman for questioning Biden's cognitive abilities, asserting that both Biden and Trump are old and prone to senior moments.

Cuban's attempt to equate Biden's evident cognitive decline with Trump's age has been met with widespread backlash, highlighting a significant blind spot in his argument.

Cuban’s tweet, posted just before a critical NBA Finals game where his Mavericks were humiliated by the Celtics, displayed a lack of focus on his team's performance. This distraction from his primary role has led many to question his priorities. Cuban’s remarks were seen as dismissive of genuine concerns regarding Biden's ability to effectively lead, a concern that has grown among many Americans witnessing the president’s frequent gaffes and confusion.

One of the critical issues Cuban overlooked is the stark difference in how Biden and Trump handle public appearances. While Trump remains sharp and quick with soundbites, Biden often struggles to maintain coherence, as evidenced by his frequent lapses during speeches. Cuban's assertion that both candidates are equally flawed due to their age ignores the more pressing concern of Biden's cognitive health.

Cuban's defense has been criticized for its disingenuousness. Despite acknowledging that both candidates are old, he failed to address the clear and concerning signs of Biden’s decline. This oversight has led to widespread ridicule from conservative commentators who argue that Cuban is out of touch with reality.

Notably, Cuban's diminished role with the Mavericks, following the sale of a majority share of the franchise, may explain his increased involvement in political discourse. However, this involvement has done little to bolster his credibility, as his comments often come across as ill-informed and detached from the on-ground realities faced by Americans.

Australian pundit Rita Panahi and conservative commentator Allie Beth Stuckey were quick to call out Cuban's embarrassing defense, highlighting the lack of substance in his argument. They emphasized that Cuban's points had no correlation to reality and appeared to be more about projecting his biases rather than addressing the real issues at hand.

Ultimately, Cuban's attempt to defend Biden has only served to embarrass him further, revealing a significant disconnect between his perceptions and the realities observed by the public. As Biden continues to face scrutiny over his cognitive abilities, Cuban’s defense stands as a stark reminder of the dangers of ignoring evident problems in favor of partisan loyalty.


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