Outrage as Secret Service Destroys Video of Biden’s Dog Commander Biting Incident


In a controversial move, the Secret Service has reportedly destroyed surveillance footage of an incident involving President Joe Biden’s dog, Commander, biting a Secret Service agent. This revelation has sparked outrage and raised serious questions about transparency and accountability within the Biden administration.

Commander, a two-year-old German Shepherd, was involved in at least 24 biting incidents involving Secret Service personnel, according to newly released documents obtained through a Freedom of Information Act request. These incidents reportedly occurred over a period from October 2022 to July 2023, primarily at the White House and other Biden family properties.

The destruction of the video footage has led to allegations of a cover-up. Critics argue that this action obstructs a full and transparent investigation into the behavior of the President’s pet and the handling of the situation by the Secret Service. Judicial Watch, a conservative watchdog group, has been vocal in condemning the incident, demanding greater accountability and questioning the motives behind the destruction of the footage.

Documents reveal that the aggressive behavior of Commander had become a significant concern for the Secret Service. Agents had to adjust their operational protocols to avoid interactions with the dog, which included staying a considerable distance away whenever the dog was present. Despite numerous attempts to train Commander and address his aggressive behavior, the situation escalated, leading to serious workplace safety concerns.

One particularly concerning incident detailed in the documents involved Commander biting an agent twice in a single encounter. The agent's coat was left with visible bite marks, although no skin was broken. This incident is just one of many that have left agents wary and the Biden administration under scrutiny.

The Biden family, feeling "heartbroken" over the incidents, eventually decided to rehome Commander. Despite these measures, the controversy continues to swirl, with many questioning why the situation was allowed to persist for so long and why critical evidence was destroyed. The First Family has publicly apologized to the affected agents and expressed regret over the series of events.

The Secret Service has maintained that all incidents were treated as workplace injuries and documented in accordance with guidelines. However, the destruction of video evidence has only fueled suspicions and calls for a more thorough investigation into how such incidents are handled and reported within the agency.

This situation adds to the list of challenges faced by the Biden administration regarding transparency and accountability. As more details emerge, the handling of Commander’s aggressive behavior and the subsequent destruction of evidence will likely remain a contentious issue, raising broader questions about the management and oversight within the highest levels of government.


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