Outrage Over Biden Administration’s Handling of 9/11 Saudi Spy Video


A newly surfaced video showing a Saudi intelligence officer allegedly surveilling key U.S. landmarks prior to the September 11 attacks has sparked outrage among the families of 9/11 victims. The video, which has been described as showing the Saudi spy casing the U.S. Capitol and other important sites in Washington D.C., has reignited concerns over Saudi Arabia's involvement in the tragic events of 9/11 and the U.S. government's handling of related evidence.

The video, featuring Omar al-Bayoumi, a Saudi intelligence operative, was unsealed by court order as part of ongoing litigation against Saudi Arabia by 9/11 victims' families. Al-Bayoumi is seen narrating in Arabic, indicating that he is documenting these locations as part of a broader plan, which aligns with the time when senior al-Qaeda planners were deciding on their attack targets.

This revelation has led to severe criticism of the Biden administration, especially from Republican circles, who argue that the administration's approach to Saudi Arabia has been too lenient. The outrage is amplified by President Biden's ongoing negotiations for a defense pact with Saudi Arabia, which many see as a betrayal of the victims and their families. Critics argue that instead of seeking closer ties, the administration should be holding Saudi Arabia accountable for its alleged complicity in the attacks.

The families of 9/11 victims, represented by groups such as 9/11 Families United, have expressed their frustration over the U.S. government's reluctance to fully disclose all evidence and documents related to Saudi Arabia's involvement. They point to a history of obfuscation and protection of Saudi interests, spanning multiple administrations. This perceived cover-up has left a bitter taste among those seeking justice for their lost loved ones.

In response to the outcry, the Biden administration has taken some steps to declassify and release more documents related to 9/11. An executive order signed by President Biden in 2021 mandated a review of classified information, resulting in the release of thousands of pages of documents. However, many believe these efforts are insufficient and demand more transparency and accountability.

The recent developments underscore the ongoing struggle between the pursuit of justice for 9/11 victims and the geopolitical interests of the United States. Republicans argue that the Biden administration's current stance undermines national security and fails to honor the memory of those who perished in the attacks. They call for a more robust approach to dealing with Saudi Arabia, including the possibility of sanctions and a reevaluation of diplomatic relations.

As the legal battle continues, the 9/11 families remain steadfast in their pursuit of truth and justice. They urge the administration to prioritize their cause over strategic alliances, emphasizing that accountability and transparency are essential to preventing future tragedies. The newly revealed video serves as a stark reminder of the complexities and enduring impacts of the 9/11 attacks on American society and foreign policy.

The debate over how to handle Saudi Arabia's alleged involvement in 9/11 is far from over. With new evidence coming to light and public sentiment running high, the Biden administration faces increasing pressure to take decisive action that aligns with the values and security needs of the United States.


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