San Francisco’s Unchecked Crisis: Convicted Pedophile Sets Up Camp Outside School


In a shocking display of the deteriorating public safety situation in San Francisco, a convicted pedophile has been found operating a homeless encampment right outside a school.

Adam Moore, 46, set up his makeshift residence across from Stella Maris Academy, a disturbing sight that’s been present for over two years. Moore, who was convicted of lewd acts with a child under the age of 14 in 1997, stationed signs outside the school offering free drugs.

The signs read ‘Free fentanyl 4 new users’ and ‘Meth for stolen items’. In an interview with a local news outlet, Moore confirmed he was indeed distributing the lethal drug, stating, “It’s not a joke.”

This alarming situation raises serious questions about the city’s ability to protect its most vulnerable citizens – children.

Despite Moore’s criminal history, he was allowed to set up camp near a school because he is not considered a ‘high-risk’ offender. This loophole in the law has left parents and residents in the neighborhood feeling helpless and fearful.

The incident also highlights the city’s ongoing struggle with homelessness and drug addiction. Moore’s encampment and open drug dealing are symptomatic of a larger crisis that San Francisco has failed to adequately address.

The city’s lenient policies towards drug use and homelessness have created an environment where such horrifying incidents can occur.

On Friday, Moore was finally taken into custody after refusing to comply with an order to move. His belongings were bagged up and removed by workers. However, this action came too late for many residents who had been living in fear for their children’s safety.

This incident serves as a stark reminder of the urgent need for more stringent laws and enforcement to protect our communities. It is unacceptable that a convicted pedophile was able to live and distribute drugs near a school for over two years.

The city’s lax approach to dealing with homelessness and drug addiction has led to a situation where the safety of children is compromised.

San Francisco’s leadership must take immediate action to address these pressing issues. The city needs to implement stricter laws regarding sex offenders’ proximity to schools and ramp up efforts to combat drug addiction and homelessness.

Only then can we ensure the safety of our children and restore the peace of mind of our residents.