Seattle Community Takes Action Against Alleged Child Molester in Local Store


In a shocking incident near Seattle, Washington, a naked man was confronted and attacked by shoppers at a local JCPenney store. The man was allegedly attempting to inappropriately touch children, prompting immediate action from the community members.

The incident took place in the Southcenter Mall in Tukwila, about 10 miles south of Seattle. The video footage, which was initially posted on a Seattle-area Twitter account, shows the man trying to evade his pursuers while wearing nothing but socks.

The person recording the video explained they were on the first floor of the kids’ department when the incident occurred.

A man in a black hat was seen throwing punches at the accused, who fought back. Two other individuals then intervened, wrestling the naked man under control after he managed to push off the first chaser.

Once subdued, the man in the black hat landed an additional punch, while voices in the background encouraged him with shouts of ‘C’mon, let’s get him!’

The situation escalated as the man in the black hat continued to throw punches and swing violently at the accused. The video ended with people warning him to stop, indicating that enough had been done to subdue the man.

Local police confirmed the incident, describing the naked man as ‘someone in mental crisis.’ He was subsequently detained and taken to the hospital for evaluation. It remains unclear whether he was charged with a crime related to the incident or if the man who punched him faced any legal repercussions.

This incident underscores the importance of community vigilance in protecting our children. It also raises questions about the adequacy of security measures in public spaces like shopping malls, where families should feel safe.

While it is crucial to ensure that justice is served, it is equally important to remember everyone is innocent until proven guilty. This incident serves as a stark reminder that we must balance our instinct to protect with the principles of due process and fairness.