The Coming AI Arms Race


The United States is falling dangerously behind China in developing advanced artificial intelligence and robotic weapons systems that could shift the global balance of power, experts warn.

While China aggressively pursues lethal autonomous weapons, America languishes due to liberal policies that restrict innovation and military funding.

China aims to dominate the AI arms race through massive investments in research and development. Their goal is to field fully autonomous drones, ships, subs, tanks, and aircraft that can wage war independently.

By contrast, misguided activists pressure the U.S. to ban autonomous weapons over misplaced fears of killer robots. This unilateral disarmament cedes the battlefield of the future to China’s communist regime.

Some in Washington even absurdly claim AI systems are racially biased, while ignoring China’s total disregard for civil liberties. Political correctness must not handcuff America’s military to fight tomorrow’s wars.

The Pentagon needs robust funding and regulatory freedom to harness AI’s full potential. U.S. forces equipped with autonomous systems will be a highly effective deterrent against Chinese aggression.

Winning the AI arms race is vital to protect American interests and values. Allowing an authoritarian regime like China to gain military dominance through AI would endanger democracies worldwide.

All Americans who cherish freedom must demand an end to restraints on developing autonomous weapons.

The choice is clear. The U.S. can either fully invest in autonomous systems or risk ceding global leadership to China. There is no middle ground in this struggle.

America must lead in AI technology for the sake of our security, prosperity, and liberty. The future of the free world depends on an AI arms race victory.