Trump Follows Dr. Ben Carson on Truth Social, Sparking 2024 Speculation


In a move that has ignited significant buzz within conservative circles, former President Donald Trump recently followed Dr. Ben Carson on Truth Social. This action has spurred speculation about a potential alliance for the 2024 presidential election, with many wondering if Carson might be Trump's pick for Vice President.

Dr. Ben Carson, a renowned neurosurgeon and former Secretary of Housing and Urban Development under Trump, has been a steadfast supporter of the former president. In recent months, Carson has publicly endorsed Trump for the 2024 presidential race, highlighting the need for strong leadership to restore the nation’s economic stability and global respect.

Carson's endorsement is rooted in his belief that Trump’s previous term brought about significant positive changes, including a booming economy, energy independence, and improved border security. He emphasized these points during his appearance on Fox News's "Sunday Morning Futures," arguing that the current administration's policies have led to a decline in these areas.

The follow on Truth Social has led to rampant speculation about Carson's potential role in Trump's campaign. Discussions about Carson possibly being Trump's Vice Presidential candidate have been circulating for some time. Carson himself has hinted at ongoing conversations with Trump about what they can do "to save this country," though he has remained tight-lipped about the specifics of their discussions.

Carson's appeal extends beyond traditional Republican voters. He has highlighted growing support among black and young voters, citing their appreciation for the policies implemented during Trump’s presidency that benefited their communities. This demographic shift could be crucial for the Republicans in the upcoming election.

In response to Carson’s endorsement, Trump expressed his gratitude on Truth Social, calling it a "great honor." This mutual admiration underscores the strong bond between the two, which dates back to the 2016 primary season when Carson endorsed Trump after suspending his own presidential campaign.

While the idea of a Trump-Carson ticket is gaining traction, other potential vice presidential candidates are also being considered. Names like Rep. Elise Stefanik, Arizona Senate candidate Kari Lake, and South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem have been floated as possible choices, indicating that Trump has several viable options to choose from for his running mate.

As the 2024 election approaches, the political landscape continues to evolve. Trump's decision to follow Carson on Truth Social is more than just a social media gesture; it signals a potential strategic move that could shape the dynamics of the Republican campaign. Whether Carson will ultimately join Trump on the ticket remains to be seen, but his endorsement and ongoing support are undeniably influential.

In the coming months, as Trump solidifies his campaign and possibly his choice of running mate, the role of figures like Carson will be crucial in mobilizing the Republican base and appealing to a broader electorate.


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