Trump Jumps to National Lead in Post-Conviction Polls


Former President Donald Trump has surged to a national lead over President Joe Biden in recent polls conducted after Trump's conviction in the hush money case. Despite the legal setback, Trump’s support among voters appears resilient, indicating that the conviction has not significantly swayed his base.

Two major polls reflect this trend. A Morning Consult survey showed Trump with a narrow lead over Biden, with Trump maintaining 44% support while Biden dropped to 43%.

This poll surveyed over 10,000 registered voters, highlighting its robustness​​. Similarly, a Rasmussen Reports poll found Trump leading Biden 48% to 43%, showcasing his strong support among independent voters. The poll indicated that 49% of independents favor Trump compared to 34% for Biden​​.

These findings are consistent across other polls as well. An Emerson College Polling survey reported a close race, with Trump at 46% and Biden at 45%.

The poll noted that when undecided voters were pushed to choose, the race became a 50-50 split​​. Furthermore, the same poll revealed that while 40% of respondents said the conviction would not impact their vote, 27% felt more inclined to support Trump, and 33% were less likely to support him due to the conviction​​.

These polls suggest that Trump's core supporters remain steadfast, and his legal troubles have not significantly eroded his base.

The data shows a split reaction among voters, with a notable portion of Republicans even more determined to support him, despite the conviction. Meanwhile, Democrats and independents show mixed responses, with some indicating a potential shift away from Trump.

Overall, Trump's post-conviction polling performance underscores his enduring influence in the Republican Party and the polarized nature of the upcoming presidential election.


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