Truth Behind America’s Border Crisis: A Shocking Revelation of Cartel Control


The ongoing crisis at the American border has been a hot topic of discussion, with politicians and media outlets alike trying to make sense of the chaos. However, what if the root cause of this issue was not in the hands of the government, but rather the notorious cartel?

It may sound like a conspiracy theory, but new evidence has surfaced, revealing the alarming truth about the current state of the border. Despite the efforts and resources put into securing the border, it seems that the real power lies within the hands of the cartel.

For years, the government has been struggling to control the influx of illegal immigrants and drugs at the border, with little success. But according to recent reports, it appears that the cartel has been the one pulling the strings all along.

The level of control that the cartel has over the border is unprecedented, with sources claiming that they dictate who and what gets in and out of the country. It's a disturbing revelation that has left many questioning the effectiveness of current border security measures.

As the cartel continues to gain more power and influence, the consequences for the American people are dire. Not only does this pose a threat to national security, but it also has a significant impact on the economy and the safety of citizens living near the border.

The situation has become so dire that some have even suggested that the government should negotiate with the cartel to come up with a solution. But at what cost? Giving in to the demands of criminals and compromising the safety of the nation is not a viable option.

One can't help but wonder how the situation at the border reached this point. How did the cartel manage to gain such a stronghold over the border and the lives of thousands of people? These are questions that demand answers and immediate action from those in power.

In the midst of this shocking revelation, it's essential for the government to take swift and decisive action to regain control of the border. Failure to do so will only result in more chaos and suffering for both American citizens and those trying to enter the country through legal means.

It's time for the truth to be uncovered and for those in positions of authority to take responsibility and tackle this pressing issue. The American people deserve to know the reality of the situation and to have their safety and security prioritized above all else. As for the cartel, their hold on the border must be broken, and justice must be served.

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  1. It is time to send in the military and take out the cartel drugs are killing people and children and need to stop the children trafficing the selling of children is a travestry its time for men to get a set of balls and use force againdt the cartel and the drugs it can be done

  2. Every person in New Mexico and the states surrounding New Mexico who owns or has access to a firearm should be on that border line to protect our states and country that would be more people than the whole military could provide and keep our states and country safe from any cartel or attack of any sort

  3. This is pathetic. It’s not the normal USA and hasn’t been since 2020. would this be happening if Greg Abbott were governor. I do not know who is the governor of New Mexico but I guarantee they’re a democrat. They just don’t seem to care.

  4. Obama third term. Funded by Soros. Biden is so dementia that he doesn’t know who he is or where he is. Jill is helping him destroy our border and our country. Mexican president must be getting money from Soros and China.
    God Bless America. Trump is the only person that can get us back to a Christian nation.

  5. I believe the Biden administration is responsible for the growing strength of the drug cartels and they need to be held accountable. If we (the government) know where these cartel criminals reside, I would vote to eliminate them and reduce the amount of illegal drugs to zero. The cartels pray on the people who are suffering and fill their needs with drugs. We need to stop the influx of drugs and help those who need help to get away from the cartel criminals

  6. Our current administration will not take charge of our border! They are getting their pockets lined for allowing the illegal immigrants in without any problem!!!


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