Exploring the Chaos: A Conservative Perspective on the Possibility of Civil War in America


As tensions continue to rise between President Trump and President-elect Biden, speculation about a potential civil war has gripped the nation. The threat of chaos, violence, and anarchy looms in the minds of many Americans. But what would a civil war in America truly look like from a conservative point of view? Let's delve into the possibilities and potential consequences of such a catastrophic event.

First and foremost, it is important to acknowledge the role of extremist groups such as Antifa and far-right militias in fueling the flames of division and unrest. Their violent tactics and radical ideologies have no place in a civilized society and only serve to further polarize the nation. As conservatives, we condemn any and all forms of extremism and recognize that they pose a real threat to the stability of our country.


However, the true root of the issue lies in the starkly different political ideologies of Trump and Biden supporters. While the mainstream media may portray Trump's base as blindly following their leader, the reality is that many Americans genuinely believe in his policies and vision for the country. On the other hand, the radical left has made it clear that they will stop at nothing to remove Trump from office and impose their own socialist agenda.

In the event of a civil war, it is undeniable that the majority of the military and law enforcement would align with the conservative side. This is not to say that the left is incapable of violence, but the sheer numbers and training of those who support the Constitution and law and order cannot be ignored. The idea of a ragtag group of Antifa and far-left activists successfully overthrowing the government is nothing more than a pipe dream.

Moreover, it is important to note that a civil war would have devastating consequences for the economy. Businesses would be forced to shut down, leading to widespread unemployment and financial hardship. The chaos and destruction would also severely impact our infrastructure, leaving communities struggling to rebuild. As conservatives, we understand the importance of a strong economy and recognize that a civil war would only set us back.

On a more personal level, a civil war would tear families and friendships apart. The division that already exists between Americans would only deepen, and the wounds of this conflict would take years to heal. The idea of turning against our fellow citizens, who are ultimately our brothers and sisters in Christ, is a heartbreaking thought.

In conclusion, the possibility of a civil war in America is a sobering and unsettling thought. As conservatives, we pray for peace and unity, and we stand firm in our belief that the Constitution and rule of law must be upheld.

Violence and extremism have no place in our country, and it is our duty to promote unity and understanding, even in the midst of intense political division. Let us remember that we are all Americans, and we must come together to overcome any challenges that may come our way.

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  2. Why are you compiling a list ? DemocRATS are the problem and their socialist ideology must be STOPPED!! Everyone know the best way to rid yourself of RATS is to exterminate them!

  3. God gave that land and much much more to Israel through Abraham period. He also stated that those who bless Israel, He will bless. Some of our leaders and other people better start reading the Bible.

    • AHHHHH, excellent thought. However, do our leaders own Bibles? Well maybe, but do they know what is written in them? Again maybe, but they most likely are in the back seat of their car, or on a shelf somewhere in their houses. They are only looked at inside when and if they are in church. Otherwise does anyone read or study them?
      The scripture tells us to STUDY to show ourselves approved… It’s NOT enough to just know a verse or two. We were supposed to “study” the word and then live by that word. Do most of them or the general public know what ALL ten of the Ten Commandments are? Do they even know any of the names of the disciples? What about all of the books of the entire Bible (the old and New Testament)?
      Now tell me, just how many do you think are doing that? Many are now radical. Many are against the holy land/sites of Israel. Many are in love with politics, money, satan and their own agendas… Do they really have time to know what the Holy Bible tells them? I think not… Yes, it was GOD’s special place, His land indeed… We will receive curses, trials, and tribulations, trouble, chaos, conflict in this life if we abandon Israel. That land was DRY for over 1,900 years and look at it now. GOD brought the people back to their own place and look what they did with it. Flowers and springs of water and nourishment abound… GOD loves that place, his birthplace… We are NOT to divide it or destroy it. When they do that, GOD will not be pleased with humankind. We will then suffer.
      Anyone agreeing with this can make it known with their comments… They are always welcomed.

    • Great statement truth from God’s word. It saddens me to see all that’s happening to the land of the brave & free. We as Christians must support the sanctity of life and God’s word that he created Male & Female in His image. He is not the author of confusion but unity and love for Him & our Brothers & Sisters. Wake up folks we have the best instructions on life here on earth in God’s word

  4. Why is it that the left continues to be the ones causing the violence? The media covers it up. The Democratic Party representatives keep promoting violence and create division. If you study history the Democrats are following Hitlers playbook. Control media propaganda, over take the schools with indoctrination, delete history and blame a race for your own failures. There is a lot of proof of election fraud, yet investigations don’t happen. Those who speak up are imprisoned.
    How many times can you keep poking the bear before it fights back?
    I am a combat veteran and do not like what is happening to the US. This is not what we fought for. Our forefathers are rolling in their graves.

  5. I don’t see where we would be going against our brothers and sisters in Christ because these leftists would kill us for our faith!

    This irrational pack of leftists is a cancer that needs to be removed from our society if our society as we have known it is to remain free!

    As for Snivil War in this country, conservatives keep our guns – conservatives win!

    It’s a scary prospect to think of the hardship these radicals could inflict on our standards of living, possibly throwing us into another dark age rebuilding period!

    It’s time for liberals to get with it when it comes to being informed because their side is not the moral high ground!

    To prevent this, remove the snake heads from the snakes! Start rounding up the know Marxists who have been caught breaking the law and throw them in jail until this threat of Civil War has passed or has been fought!

    Most of these leftists, however, are just spoiled rich kids who don’t know any better! Most of them will quit when they lose their hot showers, cell phones, and shopping! They are not prepared for the hardship that the left has unleashed on the past and most likely would occur if we have a Civil War!

    It would be best to cut of the heads of the snakes by doing to all Marxist leaders in this country what they’ve done to destroy a very good and productive U.S. citizen in Trump! The notion that this man is a criminal is stupid! It’s the “Deep State” that really needs its jets cooled

    Sorry for the digression. I’m all about solutions! Don’t think the left is about solutions. It’s called power-driven chaos that the Democrat Party is all about, like a cancer!

  6. Well lets see, the Declaration of Independence says it is our right and duty to take back our nation when it strays to far from its roots. Also why we defend the 2nd as it was We the People and our guns, that did the fighting. War is violent, but when it becomes the last resort to defend freedom we must go to extremes to win. Using the terms you use implies anyone who desires to defend freedom is bad and it also seems to codify the weak position of, lets sign a petition to tell people commiting treason, to stop.

  7. Um…are you really unaware of the coups d’état in ’63, ’08, ’12, and ’20???? Or are you just ignorant of the cheating leading to this bloodless coups, except ’63??? What they did in ’16, and are doing now is trying their damnedest to keep us from retaking our nation! But this is much more than a political battle, and not confined to the US either! The war is spiritual and the battles here are part of a global war, just as Midway, and D-Day were battles in the global conflict of the ’40s, not the whole war! There are times when you must’ve willing to fight, or you just surrender to evil! Well, Evil is stealing your life right under your nose, this minute! So…are you going to fight, or just surrender and die?

  8. you are so right Sandra the devil is getting his way and some of are leaders are just surrendering to the devil. thanks be to Jesus we have him to lean on. I am looking for his soon return, before the devils in this country destroy us from within.

  9. I think most people will attempt to fight. However, there will also be many who are cowards. They will not fight, they will fold under pressure, surrender and find a hole to crawl into… Maybe also are to old to fight or would not want to do that…
    A civil war would be tragic and a loss on a personal level and many business would lose out, the economy is already not in good shape. This is NOT by any means what we need to have happen in our country…
    We need to pray to GOD to not allow this to come upon us. Stay strong and persevere if we can.
    We must be awake, alert, and away of the things that are going on right under our nose (as you said) and not miss a thing. Beware of the signs of the times that we are currently living in… GOD BLESS everyone who wants peace and security and less stress…

  10. A civil war would only treat the symptoms of our failures. The problem causes would still be there. Without the cure, the symptoms will return over time.

    The cure begins with our educational system by quickly eliminating the socialist indoctrination in our schools. Get rid of the education unions and get back to teaching subjects that matter in life, especially Reading, Writing and at least basic Math.

    Start every morning with the Pledge of Allegiance, the National Anthem and a prayer.

    All students must be taught civility, and basic life skills while teaching true history and the constitution and that this country is a “Republic” as guaranteed in Article IV, Section 4. (Nowhere does the word “democracy” appear in either the Declaration of Independence or the US Constitution.)

    We need to find teachers who are dedicated to teaching the truth, teachers who will help students who struggle while giving grades based on achievement rather than participation.

  11. It would become “tribal” very quickly…probably devolving into an “every man for himself” situation…there would be no America. Government would send marching orders to the military and it would become a military dictatorship with violene erupting here and there sporadically.

  12. We reading you column hear you. I work with the public. I’m Baby Boomerin excellhealth, learning, taking on new skills everyday. A fighter. There are those who would just rather pass on than deal with this intentionally caused chaos.

    There are those. Who if overhearing a conversation with another customer, will report you as offending.
    You had to wear a schmask -properly or be reported (I went to nights, when the Fauci Pandemic didn’t spread or exist.

    You had to get the schmax or you killed everyone. Don’t use plastic, but leave your refuse, schmasks, gloves, butts everywhere. Use your own bags leVing dog and cats hairs amongst other things on surfaces.
    These people are better than you. They give. The get $100.00 dollars a month of FREE groceries. They are on food stamps, because to work they lose money.
    They are the Cheka, the Brown Shirts of today.

    We do need to clean this up and out. Thing is if a commuregime conquered us, thes e and the mentally ill of Degeneration, Evil and Insanity would be the first to be rounded up.

    Education, example, tradition, Tradionional Religion and .family and our Constitution. Be active, healthy and out there.

  13. Keep F-in with the people’s choice for president and you’re going to start a civil war coming sooner than later. This two tier justice system is going to blow up real soon. New York will be the first city to start burning too many people are corrupt and destroying the city. Wake up America before it’s to late.

  14. I pretty much agree w all of the above! However I feel like this is already written in the book of revelations. satan is alive & well, laughing his ass off. So many don’t even believe in the bible or don’t even know it xists. Our entire world is in chaos. Things I read in the book of revelations 45 yrs ago & told my husband about 33 yrs ago -he thought I was nuts! But he sees it all coming to pass. Keep praying & keep the Lord in your heart. I don’t think there is much else we can do. I think America is fucked. People, especially pastors, reverands, etc, should be screaming from the rooftops-yet most remain silent. Our world has a lot of evil people pretending to be good & trying to fool us. It ALL comes from the evil one….


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